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The Pactum Institute is an independent academic research institute dedicated to the scholarly advancement of traditional Biblical Christianity, especially in the fields of Theology and the Humanities.
‘Pactum’ is the Latin word for covenant, the basis of all human life and society as creation of God.

The executive director of the Pactum Institute is dr. Adi Schlebusch (PhD, University of Groningen, 2018).


The Institute seeks to fill the lamentable gap left in contemporary scholarship by the systematic intolerance and bias against historic and Biblical Christianity in academia, by promoting the following through its research:

1. The Authority of Scripture and in particular the confessional or high approach to Bibliology.
2. Covenantal or Federal Theology as the foundational and organizing principle for a Christian society.
3. Christ’s Lordship over all of creation and especially over every aspect and every sphere of the Christian life.
4. God’s Law as the absolute moral standard for all spheres of society.
5. Christian Familialism and Ethnic Complementarianism as representing the organic and divinely ordained social order for mankind.
6. Providing sustainable, practical solutions for small community and clan living within the context of contemporary society based on the principle of Subsidiarity.

By virtue of a covenantal or federal theological framework, the Pactum Institute strives to contest the contemporary dominance of Cultural Marxism in Western academia by advocating the historic and biblical Christian doctrines of Scripture, the Covenant, Divine Law and Familialism. The Christian worldview will thereby be presented to the broader public as the only true alternative to the ruin and decadence caused by apostasy from historic Christianity and the extensive yet destructive impact of Cultural Marxism on Western civilization.
Research will also focus on providing sustainable, practical solutions for small and traditionalist community and clan living as an alternative to a globalized and modernist social order. In this regard the focus would be on both the theoretical foundations as well as the practical implementation of alternative socio-economic and socio-political strategies for establishing and sustainable small, covenantal communities based around the family, both nuclear and extended.

Additionally, the Institute will continually engage in contemporary discussions in theology, politics and philosophy by publishing timely press releases regarding current events and developments on behalf of the Institute and its members.


Publishing at least two (peer-reviewed) scholarly articles, a book as well as an English translation of a book annually dedicated to advancing the mission of the Institute.

Scholarly articles would be fruitful in terms of helping and encouraging young Christians in colleges and other academic settings where they are being exposed to anti-Christian worldviews, especially since the academic community are compelled to recognize peer-reviewed publications as authoritative. Books will be aimed at being useful for personal edification, home-schooling purposes as well as for the cultivation of small covenantal community living.

Through publishing scholarly articles and books aimed at advancing the historic Christian worldview, the false leftist and Marxist dogma in the fields of theology, philosophy, history, sociology, politics and anthropology will be dismantled.

Dr. Adi Schlebusch: Director and Senior Researcher

Born and raised in South Africa, dr. Schlebusch completed two bachelor's degrees (Theology and Latin), graduating both cum laude from the University of the Free State. He completed his Masters degree (Philosophy) from the same institution and thereafter his PhD (Theology) from the University of Groningen in the Netherlands - one of the world's top 100 universities. He is the author of several peer-reviewed papers, publishing regularly in leading journals since graduating with his PhD in 2018.

Rev. Bret L. McAtee: Research Fellow

Rev. McAtee is the pastor of an independent Reformed Church in Michigan. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree focused on Political Science, History and Religion from Indiana Wesleyan University as well as a Master of Divinity from Columbia Biblical Seminary at Columbia International University. He regularly uploads quality theological and philosophical reflections on his personal blog known as Iron Ink.

Francois van Deventer: Research Associate

Mr. Van Deventer is a Computer Scientist and Business Ethicist from South Africa. He has organized and hosted a number of Biblical Worldview seminars since the 1990s. He holds a Masters' degree in Business Ethics from the University of Stellenbosch (cum laude) and a Advanced Diploma in Project Management from Akademia. He has been instrumental in scanning and transcribing a number of dr. Francis Nigel Lee's works, including Communist Escatology, From Adam to the Afrikaner, his Commentary on Revelation and Christocracy. He has also published (in co-operation with the VCHO) a DVD of professor H.G. Stoker's Collected Works.

Jacob Tyler: Technical Advisor/Marketing Consultant

Jacob is the son of Rick Tyler, a pastor and political dissident of over 30 years— and is the 3rd oldest of 20 siblings. He is a freelance graphic designer and marketing consultant by trade, who has also dabbled in journalistic work. He has written for the Maryland based Populist newspaper, American Free Press, (most notably doing man-on-the-ground reporting of "The Battle" of Charlottesville) been a co-host on the live AM radio show, Blood River Radio, and is also the head of U.S. Sales for Arktos. While in possession of many Reformed Christian affinities, he identifies most readily as a pre-denominational Bible-believing Christian. Jacob currently resides in Brazil with his beloved wife and 5 year old son.

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Who We Are

Journal for Christian Scholarship 57(3-4) 2021, pp. 135-147.

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Trajecta. Religion, Culture and Society in the Low Countries 29(2), 2020, pp. 141-159.

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Blog Posts
As an Academic Research Institute, the Pactum Institute is primarily focused on research publications. However, as public scholars our researchers also regularly contribute to relevant discussions on theology and the humanities by means of blog posts. Herewith a list of resources where the contributions of our researchers can be accessed:

Articles by dr. Schlebusch at KnowingScripture

Articles by dr. Schlebusch at ChristRules

Articles by dr. Schlebusch at The Reformed Conservative

Articles by Rev. McAtee at Iron Ink
The Pactum Institute is completely funded by its members, thereby remaining fully independent from any university or government. We have two membership options.

The Standard Membership fee is $300 per annum (or $25 per month), and includes the following benefits:

- The right to see and make suggestions regarding all the Institute's press releases prior to official release.
- Free copies of at least two books published by the Institute annually, including shipping costs covered by the Institute.
- Quarterly updates on the Institute’s work and its progress.

The Premium Membership fee is $600 per annum (or $50 per month), and includes all the benefits of the standard membership package, plus:

- Two extra copies of the books published by the Institute.
- A Pactum Institute Blazer, with shipping costs covered by the Institute.

If you are interested in membership, please contact the Institute at

If you want to contribute to our work as a non-member, also consider subscribing to our Subscribestar page for $5  a month.
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The Pactum Institute Merchandise store features everything from apparel and homeware to accessories and drinkware.

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Dr. Schlebusch's guest, Jacob Tyler shares his first-hand experience as a reporter covering the Unite the Right Rally which took place in August 2017 as well as some of his thoughts on the recent court trials and verdicts following from the incidents of that day:

Charlottesville: The Rally, the Trials, the Verdicts. (

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Dr. Schlebusch and Rev. McAtee discuss the role of theological and philosophical presuppositions as well as worldviews in shaping the theoretical framework for scientific investigation:

Pactum Podcast 2021.1: Science and Worldview ( 

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Research Assistance
Research Assistance Project

In School, in College or at Work, Christians are currently being bombarded with a Leftist worldview. The normative framework for research in contemporary society, regardless of the field, is unfortunately informed by anti-Christian theoretical viewpoints. In fact, there currently exists a prevalent bias against any scholarship from a distinctly Christian framework throughout the Western world.

This is where the Pactum Institute’s research assistance project comes in. If you or a family member are doing a research project for school, for university, for work or even for private purposes, we are here to help provide you with assistance in terms of the resources you need to counter Leftist views through rigorous scholarship. Our experienced scholars will provide you with the relevant information, sources, literature, as well as proofreading and editing services to ensure not only the academic integrity of your project (relevant to its desired level), but also that your project reflects a thoroughly Christian worldview. We also assist parents and/or communities with structuring their homeschool curricula.

By helping you, the Pactum Institute seeks to fulfil its mandate of constructively contributing to Christian scholarship all over the globe.

This service is provided at a standard fee of $8 per hour. For more information or to make use of this service, please contact us at
Charlotte Christ the King Reformed Church

Christ the King Reformed Church in Charlotte, Michigan is an epistemically self-conscious confessional Reformed Church in accordance with the doctrines taught by Scripture as God's infallible Word. The congregation emphasizes covenantal living as defining the Christian life, the education of covenantal children and delighting in God's Law.

The congregation strives to be a local embodiment of the people of God, gathered for the praise of God, together learning the purpose of God.

Pocket College

Pocket College is an online educational platform designed for students who desire an excellent Christian education in the humanities. It is based on the lectures, lessons, and books of R.J. Rushdoony, wherein he provides students with the right foundation for the next stage of Christian Civilization.

By means of its thousands of online lectures and courses, Pocket College provides Christians with access to an unparalleled Christian education on a user-friendly platform. Through the courses and lessons available on its website, Christians are intellectually equipped to strategically and effectively advance God's Kingdom, even in the midst of all trials and tribulations of contemporary society.

It really is a college in your pocket!

Christ Rules (Home of Van Til University)

Christ Rules is the parent institution of Pocket College which features the work of Van Til’s disciple, R. J. Rushdoony, who worked out the implications of Van Til’s thought to a great extent. Christ Rules promotes scholarship based on a commitment to the Lordship of Jesus Christ over every area of life.

Dominion Reformed Fellowship

Dominion Reformed Fellowship is a small congregation in Minerva, Ohio that seeks to be faithful to the Word of God through Christ and rejects the ways of the modern churches, who are presently embracing the principles of Cultural Marxism. The church strives to bring our local communities under the Lordship of Jesus Christ and to equip the soldiers of Christ to occupy until His return.

Dr Adi Schlebusch (Executive Director of the Pactum Institute)