Yan Mac Oireachtaigh, leader of Irish Nationalist Youth, expresses solidarity with the Christian Boers

15 March 2024

In a recent video released on social media, Yan Mac Oireachtaigh, the leader of Oige Naisiuach, the youth wing of the Irish National Party, expressed his solidarity with the Boer people of South Africa. On behalf of the Irish Nationalist Youth he delivered a formal letter to the South African embassy in Dublin, highlighting the open calls for genocide by high ranking officials in the South African government as well as the notable failures of the state at the judicial level in South Africa. In this regard he specifically referred to the recent unjust treatment of Francois Van der Merwe and his Bittereinder colleagues, who faced a disproportionately heavy-handed police response during a peaceful rally against these injustices and who, after being arrested, were unjustly denied bail for an extended period of time. Van der Merwe, who also serves as a deacon in a conservative Reformed Church in Pretoria, was held in prison for nearly a month before finally receiving bail.

Oireachtaigh furthermore highlighted the attack on the Transvaal Vierkleur flag—the display of which has recently been condemned by the South African Minister of Justice and Correctional Services, Ronald Lamola. Irish nationalists demand a public apology from Lamola given his disrespect for a flag under which Irishmen fought against British Imperialism alongside the Boers in the Irish Transvaal Brigade.

Oireachtaigh concluded his video by warning that the reality of mass immigration could mean that Irish people are destined to face the exact same fate as the Boers within a couple of generations. 

Oireachtaigh recently also played a pivotal role in campaigning for the "no" vote in a national referendum in Ireland where proposed constitutional changes included removing references to the family as being founded upon the institution of marriage. The positions taken by the Irish Nationalist Youth and their leader are commendable and we pray that their movement continues to go from strength to strength.