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Charlotte Christ the King Reformed Church

Christ the King Reformed Church in Charlotte, Michigan is an epistemically self-conscious confessional Reformed Church in accordance with the doctrines taught by Scripture as God's infallible Word. The congregation emphasizes covenantal living as defining the Christian life, the education of covenantal children and delighting in God's Law.

The congregation strives to be a local embodiment of the people of God, gathered for the praise of God, together learning the purpose of God.

Association for Christian Higher Education

The Association for Christian Higher Education strives to promote Christian education, teaching and scholarship, encouraging nations, institutions and families to live and work in all spheres of life to the glory of God.

Pocket College

Pocket College is an online educational platform designed for students who desire an excellent Christian education in the humanities. It is based on the lectures, lessons, and books of R.J. Rushdoony, wherein he provides students with the right foundation for the next stage of Christian Civilization.

By means of its thousands of online lectures and courses, Pocket College provides Christians with access to an unparalleled Christian education on a user-friendly platform. Through the courses and lessons available on its website, Christians are intellectually equipped to strategically and effectively advance God's Kingdom, even in the midst of all trials and tribulations of contemporary society.

It really is a college in your pocket!

Christ Rules (Home of Van Til University)

Christ Rules is the parent institution of Pocket College which features the work of Van Til’s disciple, R. J. Rushdoony, who worked out the implications of Van Til’s thought to a great extent. Christ Rules promotes scholarship based on a commitment to the Lordship of Jesus Christ over every area of life.

Dominion Reformed Fellowship

Dominion Reformed Fellowship is a small congregation in Minerva, Ohio that seeks to be faithful to the Word of God through Christ and rejects the ways of the modern churches, who are presently embracing the principles of Cultural Marxism. The church strives to bring our local communities under the Lordship of Jesus Christ and to equip the soldiers of Christ to occupy until His return.

Tribal Theocrat

In response to the the profound and utter decline of West, Tribal Theocrat advocates the robust application of the Christian worldview devoid of all egalitarian and statist syncretism. Authors at Tribal Theocrat address taboo topics and other themes entirely neglected by church and state leaders, attempting to resuce our comrades from the group mind.