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The Pactum Institute is completely funded by its members, thereby remaining fully independent from any university or government. We have two membership options.

The Standard Membership fee is $300 per annum (or $25 per month), and includes the following benefits:

- The right to see and make suggestions regarding all the Institute's press releases prior to official release.
- Free copies of at least two books published by the Institute annually, including shipping costs covered by the Institute.
- Quarterly updates on the Institute’s work and its progress.

The Premium Membership fee is $600 per annum (or $50 per month), and includes all the benefits of the standard membership package, plus:

- Two extra copies of the books published by the Institute.
- A Pactum Institute Blazer, with shipping costs covered by the Institute.

All Members 
will also be invited to join The Pactum Club—an exclusive online discussion group with exclusive content.

If you are interested in membership, please contact the Institute at

If you want to contribute to our work as a non-member, also consider subscribing to our Subscribestar page for $5  a month.