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  • The Pactum Institute is an independent academic research institute dedicated to the scholarly advancement of traditional Biblical Christianity, especially in the fields of Theology and the Humanities.
‘Pactum’ is the Latin word for covenant, the basis of all human life and society as creation of God.

The executive director of the Pactum Institute is dr. Adi Schlebusch (PhD, University of Groningen, 2018).


The Institute seeks to fill the lamentable gap left in contemporary scholarship by the systematic intolerance and bias against historic and Biblical Christianity in academia, by promoting the following through its research:

1. The Authority of Scripture and in particular the confessional or high approach to Bibliology.
2. Covenantal or Federal Theology as the foundational and organizing principle for a Christian society.
3. Christ’s Lordship over all of creation and especially over every aspect and every sphere of the Christian life.
4. God’s Law as the absolute moral standard for all spheres of society.
5. Christian Familialism and Ethnic Complementarianism as representing the organic and divinely ordained social order for mankind.
6. Providing sustainable, practical solutions for small community and clan living within the context of contemporary society based on the principle of Subsidiarity.

By virtue of a covenantal or federal theological framework, the Pactum Institute strives to contest the contemporary dominance of Cultural Marxism in Western academia by advocating the historic and biblical Christian doctrines of Scripture, the Covenant, Divine Law and Familialism. The Christian worldview will thereby be presented to the broader public as the only true alternative to the ruin and decadence caused by apostasy from historic Christianity and the extensive yet destructive impact of Cultural Marxism on Western civilization.
Research will also focus on providing sustainable, practical solutions for small and traditionalist community and clan living as an alternative to a globalized and modernist social order. In this regard the focus would be on both the theoretical foundations as well as the practical implementation of alternative socio-economic and socio-political strategies for establishing and sustainable small, covenantal communities based around the family, both nuclear and extended.

Additionally, the Institute will continually engage in contemporary discussions in theology, politics and philosophy by publishing timely press releases regarding current events and developments on behalf of the Institute and its members.


Publishing two books annually dedicated to advancing the mission of the Institute. Additionally publishing academic articles, blog posts and press statements to this same end.

Scholarly articles would be fruitful in terms of helping and encouraging young Christians in colleges and other academic settings where they are being exposed to anti-Christian worldviews, especially since the academic community are compelled to recognize peer-reviewed publications as authoritative. Books will be aimed at being useful for personal edification, home-schooling purposes as well as for the cultivation of small covenantal community living.

Through publishing scholarly articles and books aimed at advancing the historic Christian worldview, the false leftist and Marxist dogma in the fields of theology, philosophy, history, sociology, politics and anthropology will be dismantled.