Pastor Dusty Deevers elected to Oklahoma Senate

13 December 2023

The election of Dusty Deevers to the Oklahoma Senate is certainly something worth celebrating. Running on a Christian Nationalist platform, Deevers comfortably defeated his Democrat opponent Larry Bush by 55.5% to 44.5% in Tuesday’s election. Deevers, who managed to get over 3000 votes in Oklahoma’s 32nd Senate District openly advocates for the criminalization of child sacrifice and pornography, banning state income tax, and ending no-fault divorce. His solidly Paleoconservative platform is worth supporting, and the fact that he openly acknowledges the universal Lordship of Jesus Christ is tremendously encouraging. 

In a tweet following the result Deevers encouraged his supporters to “take up the sword of the Spirit ..., and throw your name in the ring for the glory of God and the good of your state ... Soli Deo Gloria.”

Given the sad state of American politics, it is safe to say that Deevers has an uphill battle ahead of him if he is to achieve any of the goals of his campaign. He will need our prayers and our support. The Pactum Institute is encouraged by his election and we sincerely pray that he may have a fruitful term in office, and that many more men like him will get elected in future.