Euro-American Louisiana suburb secedes from predominantly African-American city

May 1st 2024

Here at the Pactum Institute, we have always held that secession is absolutely key to reforming our broken political system. In some regards, secession from evil, godless empires such as those we live under now and which are run from centres such Washington DC and Brussels, can be considered a biblical imperative (Revelation 18:4).

A couple of days ago the Supreme Court of the state of Louisiana ruled that the people of St. George, a suburb of the city of Baton Rouge, can secede to form their own city. Back in 2019, 54% of the residents of St George voted in favour of secession. According to the latest census data, the city of Baton Rouge is 54% black and 34% white. Following the secession, the city of Baton Rouge will be 72% black and 9% white, while the city of St. George will be 68% white and 18% black. The demographic implications of this secession has sparked outrage among Leftists who maintain that this represents a return to racial segregation. By now, however, we know that all the Leftist outcry about how oppressive and evil segregation was, is just a farce. Recently, for example, the University of Auckland in New Zealand defended their newly-created exclusive spaces for Maori and Pacific Islander students on campus. In fact, not only did the University and the Leftist media defend these spaces, Leftist politicians even doubled down by describing criticism of these spaces as “inflammatory.”

Every accusation of “racism” levelled against the people of St. George therefore needs to be completely ignored. The Pactum Institute would like to congratulate the people of St. George on their secession and encourage them to build up their new city to the glory of God. This is a small, yet important step towards increased independence and self-governance, and our hope is that your example can set a precedent for other cities, states, and nations in need of liberation from the multiculturalism and imperialism which threaten our continued existence.