Sodomite Flag Banned in Huntington Beach

February 13, 2023

The city of Huntington Beach in Orange County, California, has voted to ban the sodomite flag on city property. Back in 2021, the city council voted 6-0 to fly the rainbow flag for six weeks every spring. Last week, the council overturned the ordinance by 4-3. Only government and military flags can from now on be flown on city property. 

Lamentably, the newly elected councilmen Pat Burns who brought forth the resolution had distinctly statist motivations for doing so. He argued that “we are all equal and we don’t need titles or anything, and … our flags that we have that represent our governments are important to unify us and get over this divisive titling.” Of course, seeking to unify a people through government in the name of nation-building is an imperialist project which Christians should reject. Biblically-speaking, a nation is built and united through those real God-given family and clan bonds from which peoples organically grow. Defining nations in any other way inevitably leads to tyranny. 

Yet while we don’t share Burns’ motivations, the resolution is certainly something worth supporting for pragmatic reasons, if only for the outrage it causes among our enemies. The author of the previous resolution, Dan Kalmick, for example, noted that what happened this past week is “absolutely discouraging and frightening for our folks in the LGBTQ community.” 

These anti-Christs are at war with the Kingdom of Jesus, and they will do anything to preserve every symbol of their state religion, which is what this is. Their doctrines are actively promoted through government schools, in the military, and the government subsidized entertainment industry. Thus any move, even a symbolic one, which violates what they consider to be the sacred unity of the LGBTQQIP2SAA+ church and the state, is genuinely considered to be truly “frightening” by the likes Kalmick. 

Having a public religion is inevitable. While this measure by Huntington Beach can be supported for what it’s worth, the underlying problem, an anti-Christian public domain informed by anti-Christian presuppositions, remains. The Pactum Institute therefore looks forward to many more positive changes in this regard in future.