The Diabolical Lie about Pastor Michael Shover

14 July 2023

Pastor Michael Shover from Christ the Redeemer Church in Pella, Iowa, is being falsely accused of advocating pedophilia. He used a rhetorical argument when preaching against abortionist baby murderers at the Iowa State Capitol earlier this week by asking them why, according to their diabolical worldview, pedophilia is morally repugnant. He pointed out how these enemies of God have no moral standard to appeal to when advocating for their “pro-choice” position and therefore, logically, have no solid argument against even abominations such as pedophilia.

Yet the leftists took his words completely out of context and are now falsely presenting him on social media as actually advocating pedophilia, which is nothing but a purposeful attempt to discredit him by spreading lies.

The enemies of Christ always lie and always slander. They hate the truth because they hate the God of truth (Romans 1:30). The Pactum Institute condemns the diabolical lie being spread about pastor Shover in the strongest possible terms.