Liveblog: CPAC Hungary 2024

26 April 2024

12:10 local time

Wellcome to our coverage of day 2 of CPAC  Hungary. 

Last night, Ernst Roets from the Afrikaner-Boer Solidarity movement, one of the guest speakers at the event, got the opportunity meet with the Hungarian Prime minister Viktor Orban to discuss Christianity, tradition, heritage, culture, family values, preservation, cooperation, anti-imperialism, promoting mutual recognition and respect. 

(2) Ernst Roets on X: "Issues that are dear to both Hungarians and Afrikaners? Christianity, tradition, heritage, culture, family values, preservation, cooperation, anti-imperialism, promoting mutual recognition and respect." / X ( 


Geert Wilders, the leader of the the Dutch party, the PVV, has arrived in Budapest and scheduled to speak this afternoon.

 Geert Wilders on X: "✈️" / X ( 


 Former Polish prime minister Mateusz Morawieczki tells the CPAC audience that maintaining the welfare state, a strong defence and achieving net zero are three fundamentally incompatible ideas. He calls this the "impossible trinity."

👊 Paul Boonefaes | Abolish D.E.I. on X: "FMR Polish PM Mateusz Morawieczki (@MorawieckiM ) addresses #CPACHungary The impossible Trinity: you can have defense, welfare state and net zero but never all 3 together, maximum 2 at same time. You have to choose. 🎥 #CPACHungary2024" / X ( 


Eva Vlaardingerbroek says she knows that defending the rights of the white indigenous peoples of Europe would lead to her being attacked. She is prepared for the attacks.

Remix News & Views on X: "🚨 EXC: "The choice is yours and I've made mine!" @EvaVlaar tells Remix News she has accepted she will be attacked by the establishment for calling out attempts to make indigenous White Europeans a minority on their own continent. #CPACHungary2024" / X ( 


Geert Wilders: National Conservatives who defend sovereignty and "Judeo-"Christian values are on the rise.

Politiek Nederland on X: " #CPACHungary2024 #Wilders" / X ( 

Drop the "Judeo" Geert! Repent!


Wilders notes that  European nations ar literally being overrun by the unrestricted influx of foreigners. He will continue fighting Islamization and protecting national borders despite the death threats he gets.

The European Conservative on X: ".@geertwilderspvv speaking at #CPACHungary about the “enormous immigrant crisis”: “The truth is, many European nations are overran with more and more immigrants and asylum seekers, but I dare to criticise Islam and we never give in to death threats.” @alapjogokert #CPAC" / X ( 


In his message to CPAC, Donald Trump encourages and congratulates prime minister Orban for the great work he has done in terms of defending Hungarian national sovereignty and Christian values.

Hungarian Conservative on X: "❗️🗣@realDonaldTrump emphasized that as President, he ‘proudly worked together’ with @PM_ViktorOrban to defend the values and interests of both the 🇭🇺 #Hungarian and the 🇺🇸#American nation.👇" / X ( 


Former Australian prime minister Tony Abbot: 

Australia is the only country in the world to successfully stop a wave of illegal immigration by boat.

Tony Abbott at CPAC: ‘The only country in the world that’s successfully stopped a wave of illegal immigration by boat is Australia’ | Hungarian Conservative 


Hungarian conservative politician Lorinc Nacsa says that conservatism is essentiality normality. Allowing normality to prevail in this day and age requires courage, however.

Lorinc Nacsa MP on X: "Let's be strong, unite, let normality prevail! 💪 #CPACHungary2024" / X ( 


This concludes our liveblog. Thank you for tuning in.

25 April 2024

12:10 local time

Welcome to our liveblog, where we will be providing regular updates on the CPAC Hungary conference currently taking place in Budapest. Prime Minister Viktor Orban is this year's keynote speaker. 


In his opening speech, Orban highlighted the need for peoples to reclaim their sovereignty from the imperialists in Brussels and Washington, DC.

Rik Rutten on X: "Op CPAC in Boedapest gaat Viktor Orban hard op het conservatieve orgel met een betoog om soevereiniteit en vrijheid te herwinnen van Brussel en Washington (ik ben niet welkom want 'te woke'). "Laten we onze harnassen aantrekken, op naar het slagveld, we gaan voor de overwinning!"" / X ( 


Georgian prime minister Irakli Kobakdidze highlights the need to preserve national identity and dignity over against the imperialism inherent to globalism.

Irakli Kobakhidze on X: "Honored to deliver a speech on behalf of the people of 🇬🇪 at CPAC Hungary 2024. Voiced 🇬🇪's commitment to standing for shared values of freedom and sovereignty. As we embrace these fundamental ideals and uphold our national dignity, we also strengthen bonds and advance principles" / X ( 


In a panel discussion, Ernst Roets from the Solidarity Movement says that the centralist government in South Africa is wrongly pressuring communities to give up their national identity in order to embrace the artificial label "South African."

Home ( 


Eva Vlaardingenbroek is now speaking. She notes that the globalist diversity agenda ultimately aims at "less white people. That means less of you."

dr. Marina on X: "#lipstickfascisme van Eva Vlaardingerbroek bij #CPACHungary Frans Timmermans demoniseren:"het woord ‘diversiteit’ betekent minder blanke mensen, minder van jullie." EN: "Het totalitaire instituut van de Europese Unie moet ten val komen. De toren van Babel moet vernietigd worden."" / X ( 


Eva Vlaardingenbroek: "The Dutch people are being actively discriminated against by their own government."

Andrew on X: "🇭🇺🇺🇸#CPACHungary 🇳🇱@EvaVlaar in @hirtv The Dutch population is a victim of discrimination by its own government. Migrants in the Netherlands get an apartment almost immediately, a native Dutch can wait up to 10 years." / X ( 


Santiago Abascal of the VOX party in Spain points out how conservatives are called "racists" and "fascists" by the mainstream media whenever we stand up for our people and defend our nation's women.

Andrew on X: "🇭🇺🇺🇸#CPACHungary 🇪🇸 @Santi_ABASCAL of @vox_es If we love our homeland, they call us fascists. If we reject imported cultures that denigrate women, they call us racists. For everything we raise, they have an insult and a way of dehumanizing us." / X ( 


Fabrice Leggeri:  For Western civilization to survive, it needs borders.

 X: ".@FabriceLeggeri: save the borders, protect the West. Former @Frontex chief speaking on #CPACHungary" / X ( 


Hungarian prime minister Victor Orban says that it is time for everone to admit that the liberal hegemony has left the world worse off.

Orbán Viktor on X: "#CPACHungary 2024. We should finally admit: the liberal hegemony made the world a worse place. It brought #war where there could have been #peace. It brought chaos where there could have been order. This year we have an opportunity to turn the tide in both Europe and America. Let" / X ( 


American activist Jack Posobiec emphasises that voters shouldn't be distracted by the abstract, figmentary issues that leftists want us to focus on. Support political candidates who are standing up for freedom, economic sovereignty and building high-trust societies.

EU-US Forum on X: ".@JackPosobiec joined us at #CPACHungary to talk about the upcoming elections in Europe. "Understand, if your lives would be better today if you had a different government, then you must vote for a different government."" / X ( 


Boer activist Ernst Roets warns Europe: If you proceed on the path of Leftist wokeism, the net result will be that you end up a minority in your own country which is being actively discriminated against. 

Ernst Roets on X: "Groete vanuit @CPAC in Hongarye! Dis wat aangaan..." / X ( 


This concludes our liveblog for day 1 of CPAC 2024. Join us for more coverage, God willing, tomorrow.