Liveblog: NatCon 2024 Brussels

16 and 17 April 2024

17 April 2024

10:21 local time

Welcome to our live blog where we report on the second day of Natcon 2024. Breaking news is that the Belgian High court has struck down the order from the Brussels government to shut down the conference. Day 2 can continue without police interference.

 Paul Sapper on X: "🚨BREAKING: Belgian court strikes down order to censor @NatConTalk The conference will resume today without police interference @ADFIntl supported in legally challenging the order to censor the conference The court said: “the threat to public order seems to be derived purely…" / X ( 


Paul Coleman, executive director of ADF International defends parental rights which he notes is being eroded by Leftist governments through the redefinition of marriage and the family.

National Conservatism on X: "An avalanche of laws have redefined marriage and the family. Court cases have attacked and eroded parental rights. And most alarming of all: lawmakers and those within the judiciary are cheering it all on. -@Paul_B_Coleman #NatConBrussels2 @ADFIntl" / X ( 


Benedict Kiely, a senior contributor at the European Conservative says the family is the most basic unit of society because it was ordained and designed as such by God. Attacks on the family violate the will of God.

National Conservatism on X: "The family comes from the direct work of God’s creation--"male and female, He created them," created in His image. All that violates the family--law, state, culture--violates both the will of God and the intrinsic dignity of the human person. -@benedict_kiely #NatConBrussels2" / X ( 


Helene de Lauzun speaks on how destructive feminism has been to the family.

National Conservatism on X: "The gov't remains obsessed with the idea that work is the primary place for women to fulfill their potential, and that they should be able to return to work asap, suggesting that parents who spend time looking after their children are socially useless. -@HLauzun #NatConBrussels2" / X ( 


There's a big gun in the house! The Hungarian prime minister, the 21st-century William of Orange, has taken the stand. He is speaking on the upcoming European elections.

National Conservatism on X: "PM Viktor Orbán on upcoming European elections: If leadership turns out to be bad, they should be replaced. And this leadership is bad. They promised: -Better agriculture--farmers are suffering all over Europe. -To stop and manage the migration crisis--it's worse than ever.…" / X ( 


Prime Minister Orban is defending Hungarian nationalism while in conversation with Yoram Hazony, the Jewish philosopher who also wrote the endorsement on the front cover of Stephen Wolfe's book The Case for Christian Nationalism.

National Conservatism on X: "It's true, the number of migrants in Hungary is zero. The reason is simple. We have a system. We have a border. If you cross it illegally, it's a crime. -@PM_ViktorOrban in conversation with @yhazony at NatCon Brussels 2." / X ( 


Eric Zemmour finally gets the opportunity to deliver his talk. He rightly distinguishes between civilizations and nations. Europe is not a nation, it is a civilization. His emphasis on "Judeo-Christian" values is a shame, however, since Judaism and Christianity are in fact incompatible.

National Conservatism on X: "Europe is not a country. Europe is not a people or a nation. It is a civilization, forged by Judeo-Christianity and the Greco-Roman spirit. The European Union is not even a century old, but our Europe is more than two millennia old. -@ZemmourEric #NatConBrussels2" / X ( 


Hans-Georg Maassen, a German conservative from the Values Union party, shuns the entire project of protecting refugees from the third world in Europe as "a pretext to settle millions of foreigners from foreign cultures" on European soil.

National Conservatism on X: "Refugee protection was only a pretext to settle millions of foreigners from foreign cultures. Today, there is less talk of refugee protection. Today, they're let in because the political Left has the power to do so. -@HGMaassen #NatConBrussels2" / X ( 


In Germany, even the very distinction between men and women is under assault from the Left - Hans-Georg Maassen

National Conservatism on X: "In Germany, you can be punished if you say facts clear to all since the beginning of humanity: A man is a man. A woman is a woman. To demand someone to say utter nonsense is not only total control of people but an attack on human rights. -@HGMaassen #NatConBrussels2" / X ( 


The former Polish Prime minister Mateusz Morawiecki warns the audience about the dangers of woke culture, the Green new deal, and mass immigration.

National Conservatism on X: "In the face of woke culture, the Green New Deal, the great migration, conservatives have a job to do. It's a time of great ambitions & great challenges. We choose tomorrow but do not reject the past. We choose growth but do not reject our roots. -@MorawieckiM #NatConBrussels2" / X ( 


The young French conservative philosopher Pierre Valentin is now highlighting the diabolical nature of oikophobia.

The European Conservative on X: "Pierre Valentin: "Love the stranger instead of thyself is the mantra for wokeness." #NatConBrussels2 #NatCon2024 #NatCon24 @NatConTalk" / X ( 


NS Lyons: The old guard conservatism should be abandoned. They've failed to conserve anything.

National Conservatism on X: "It should be clear by now that old guard conservatism is of no use to us whatsoever. They've failed to conserve anything at all. They've completely lost the foundation of building political power. -NS Lyons, author of The Upheaval on Substack, at NatCon Brussels 2" / X ( 


This concludes our liveblog from Natcon 2024. Thank you for following our live updates. God bless! 

16 April 2024

13:30 local time

Brussels police have interrupted Nigel Farage's talk in an attempt to shut down the National Conservatism Conference currently taking place in Brussels.

National Conservatism on X: "Police have arrived at the venue with an order to shut NatCon down for creating a public disturbance. The conference is extremely peaceful. There is absolutely no public disturbance. Guests, including esteemed scholars and elected leaders, are enjoying hearing civilized…" / X ( 


Priot to the interruption, Farage had been speaking on the "unholy trinity" that is driving the globalist agenda: big politics, big business, and big banks.

National Conservatism on X: "The EU was a project of peace; it is now a project of power. What has happened here, in this epicenter of globalism, is a new unholy trinity: Big Politics, Big Business, and Big Banks. -@Nigel_Farage #NatConBrussels2" / X ( 


Ernst Roets, representing the Solidarity movement and the Afrikaner-Boer people at the conference, reports that the mayor of Brussels has ordered catererers for the event not to serve conference attendees anything to eat or drink. The conference can continue as long as they can hold out.

Ernst Roets on X: "The Brussels mayor and police have decided to suppress the @NatConTalk conference with a "soft shutdown". This means that the caterers are not allowed to provide anything to eat, and that people who leave are not allowed to come back. So in essence the conference can continue…" / X ( 


On the 21st of March the Hungarian prime minister Victor Orban, one of the keynote speakers at the event, described the rise of Christian Nationalist-Conservative forces as "the worst nightmare of Brussels bureaucrats." Today he has been vindicated in the worst possible way.

Orbán Viktor on X: "National conservative, sovereignist and Christian forces are on the rise all across Europe. We don’t represent #progressive ideas, we represent the people. We are the worst nightmare of the #Brussels bureaucrats. We will win the #EuropeanElections this June and we will…" / X ( 


The Croatian nationalist Stjepo Bartulica is currently on the podium. The conference is continuing for now.

 National Conservatism on X: "In my experience, the European elites were even terrified to discuss important topics privately. There was this strange self-censorship where even privately they refused to utter their opinion. -@StjepoBartulica #NatConBrussels2" / X ( 


The mayor of Brussels has justified his tyrannical move in the name of "public safety." This immediately brings to mind a certain Committee in Paris in the 1790s with the exact same objectives. 

Emir KIR on X: "J'ai pris un arrêté du Bourgmestre pour interdire l'événement "National Conservatism Conference" pour garantir la sécurité publique. A Etterbeek, à Bruxelles Ville et à Saint-Josse, l'extrême-droite n'est pas la bienvenue." / X ( 


Nigel Farage claims Brussels tyranny proves BREXIT was the right move 

GB News on X: "Nigel Farage lashes out at Brussels’ police attempt to shut him down: ‘Shows Brexit was the right thing!’" / X ( 


The head of the European Conservative magazine's Brussels office is addressing the conference now. Zsófia Tóth-Bíró is defending Hungarian nationalism against the criticism levelled against it from the left.

National Conservatism on X: "Hungary is proudly and unapologetically a nation state and intends to remain one. Nationalism is not about wanting to oppress or defeat other nations, but putting your own nation first. -Zsófia Tóth-Bíró #NatConBrussels2 of @EuroConOfficial" / X ( 


Ironically, Leftists are openly calling for violence against the so-called "neonazis" at Natcon 2024.

Raphael Tsavkko Garcia on X: "The only acceptable thing to do with the neonazis at #NatConBrussels2" / X ( 


The Hungarian Prime minister Victor Orban has compared the Brussels government to communists.

Orbán Viktor on X: "The Belgian police decided to shut down the @NatConTalk conference in #Brussels, just two hours after it started. I guess they couldn’t take free speech any longer. The last time they wanted to silence me with the police was when the Communists set them on me in ‘88. We didn’t…" / X ( 


The French conservative politician and leader of the Reconquete political party in France, Eric Zemmour, has been denied entry into the venue by the police. He is unable to deliver his address. 

National Conservatism on X: "UPDATE: @ZemmourEric has been denied entry to the venue; his keynote address will, unfortunately, be postponed, possibly indefinitely." / X ( 


Hungarian nationalist Balazs Orban rightly calls out the attempt to shut Natcon down as "not just an attack on free speech in Brussels but an attack against the whole of Europe and the fundamental foundations of our [anti-Leftist] Alliance." 

Balázs Orbán on X: "Left-wing radicals, with the help of the Brussels elite, are now trying to shut down the third venue of #NatConBrussels2, where elected European politicians, journalists, academics, and students are attending the conference. This is not just an attack on free speech in Brussels…" / X ( 


The conference continues into the evening. The evening's closing speech is being delivered by Frank Furendi, the executive director of the MCC Brussels.

(1) David Engels on X: "We didn't submit to pressure and are still there. The @NatConTalk conference dinner with a brilliant closing speech by Frank Furedi from @MCC_Brussels!" / X ( 


As conference attendees are enjoying the gala dinner at Natcon2024, the owner of the establishment receives a massive round of applause for his courage in the midst of all the pressure placed upon him by the Brussels tyants who have threatened to make sure he goes out of business.

(1) National Conservatism on X: "At the gala dinner for NatCon Brussels 2, a standing ovation for the heroic owner of Claridge events hall, a Tunisian man who believes in free speech and who did not surrender to the tremendous political pressure to cancel a conservative conference." / X ( 


This concludes our liveblog for day 1 of Natcon2024. Join us again for more tomorrow, God willing.