John Kerry’s Assault on Private Property Rights

23 May 2023

By Dr. Adi Schlebusch

There’s a Dutch expression for describing someone who is very wealthy: “He has money like water.” This says something about the agricultural potential God has blessed the Netherlands with. That a country the size of West Virginia has managed to become the world’s second largest exporter of agricultural products is no small feat. As such, you can imagine my shock when the Dutch government started threatening to expropriate farmland last year. In South Africa, of course, these kinds of threats from government officials have been commonplace for well over a decade. Now this Marxist idea seems to have found its way even to the US. The Biden administration’s “Special Presidential Envoy for Climate” and former Secretary of State John Kerry, has recently come out and said that the US needs to drastically cut greenhouse gas emissions from agriculture in order to achieve their goal of net-zero emissions. Kerry remarked: “I refuse to call it climate change anymore. It’s not change. It’s a crisis.” 

Kerry and his friends at the World Economic Forum seem to have stepped up the rhetorical justification for their Marxist agenda to abolish private property rights. When the ANC first put farmland confiscations on the table in South Africa, most of the Western world condemned it. But make now mistake, Kerry is embodying that very same agenda, having only repackaged it in a new narrative in order to make it more appealing to liberals. While he came short of calling for the confiscation of farmland, his remarks still clearly represent an attack on the traditional agrarianism and private property rights which form the bedrock of the family life and culture of conservative Americans. If this wasn’t the case, his buddy and fellow climate-warrior Bill Gates wouldn’t have been on a mission to buy up all the American farmland he can get his hands on. What we are witnessing is another perfect example of the corrupt merger between government and corporate power aimed at destroying not only the middle class, but all remnants of traditional Christian Western civilization. 

Make no mistake: that is the agenda of the Biden-government and the World Economic Forum. They have shown time and again how their go-to strategy is to fabricate crises and then offer proposed “solutions” which ultimately only serves their own diabolical ends. So don’t be fooled by Kerry’s rhetoric about the climate crisis. Like all good Marxists, his ends are the abolition of the family and private property, thereby uprooting and atomizing American citizens for the sake of centralizing all power in the hands of the centralized state and its corporate partners.