Canon Press’ irrational attempt to disown Stephen Wolfe

19 April 2023

Over the past few days we witnessed something rather astonishing: a publisher openly distancing itself from one of its best-selling authors on a point related to the very theme of the book itself—a book they had published only a couple of months ago. This happened when Stephen Wolfe recently tweeted that “white evangelicals are the lone bulwark against moral insanity in America” to which Canon Press responded: “To be clear, this is dumb.” Furthermore, they also tried to ridicule Wolfe’s claim by posting a picture of the Cultural Marxists David French and Russell Moore which they described as “Stephen [Wolfe]’s hope for Western civ.” This is of course beyond absurd given the fact that both French and Moore have time and again shown themselves to be two of the most outspoken enemies of white evangelicals.

Wolfe’s claim is of course true, and as one of our research fellows have also already pointed out, Wolfe's detractors fail to "realize that we can have both a unity with our Christian Kin that is unique but doesn’t violate a confederated unity with our fellow Christians who are not of our people and place."

Canon Press’ woke attempt to cancel not one of their rivals, but one of their own best-selling authors is therefore nothing short of completely irrational and diabolic. The Pactum Institute condemns their actions in the strongest possible terms.