Feminist Scholar in the UK censored for not supporting Transgenderism

13 June 2023

It is safe to say that academia in most of the Western world has been in dire straights for quite some time. Yet things seem to be getting even worse at quite a rapid pace, as is evident in the battle raging between feminists and transgender activists who are currently at each others’ throats, with the gender benders seemingly gaining the upper hand in recent years.

Laura Favaro, a feminist sociologist formerly employed at the City, University London spent three years on a study investigating “disputes around sex and gender” at social sciences departments at UK universities. Among other things, she investigated whether academics feel censored over their views on transgender issues.

Her study focused on female academics who identify as feminist, and she found that those who are critical of gender identity theory are being silenced, harassed, and openly censored. As a result, the City, University London recently decided to prohibit her from publishing her findings, demanding that she give up all her materials and data. She was consequently blocked from accessing her own university e-mail account and eventually lost her job. She is currently preparing to take the case to an employment tribunal. One of the lecturers at the University, Sahra Taylor, claims that Favaro’s research constitutes an “attack ... on trans people [and] our existence.”

Now, of course the Pactum Institute doesn’t have a dog in this fight as we oppose both ideologies, and in a very real sense this entire fiasco is actually quite encouraging given that it perfectly exemplifies how the children of liberalism are now engaged in all-out battle with one other. The infighting we see playing out reminds of the confusion sown by God in the midst of the 135 000-strong Midianite army opposing the 300 men of Gideon (Judges 7:19-22). And like Gideon and his men, we are called to stand firm in the battle against anti-Christ ideologies, placing our absolute trust in the Lord, for we know that He will eventually grant us the victory (Isaiah 62:2-3).