Hungary Deserves our full Support in EU Lawsuit over Child Protection Act

11 April 2023

15 EU countries as well as the European Commission have filed a lawsuit against Hungary claiming that its Child Protection Act, which prohibits indoctrinating children with Transgenderism and Homosexuality, violates several EU Human Rights laws. The 15 countries taking part in the lawsuit are France, Germany, Greece, Sweden, Belgium, Denmark, Portugal, Malta, Spain, Ireland, Slovenia, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Austria and Finland.

The law, passed in 2021, states that positive depictions of sodomy, lesbianism, or gender reassignment surgery to audiences under the age of 18 are criminal offences in Hungary. The Hungarian foreign affairs minister, Péter Szijjártó, remained steadfast when asked about the implications of this lawsuit last week:

"For us, the matter of child protection knows no compromises, we will protect our children. This is not a simple government decision, nor a parliamentary decision, but this is the will of the people, as it was expressed in a referendum and we do not know of a higher-level decision in a democracy. Therefore, of course, we will stand by child protection, by protecting Hungarian children, regardless of how many countries decide to join the ongoing lawsuit against us."

The Pactum Institute and all of our members not only from Europe, but also Africa, North America and the Middle East, fully support the Hungarian government’s actions aimed at defending and protecting the nation’s children. It is our sincere prayer that God will be with them and our sincere desire to see them prevail against their enemies in this lawsuit.