Only 43% of Children in the European Union’s Capital are of European Origin

25 July 2023

Recent figures from Statistics Belgium revealed that a mere 43% of children under the age of 18 in the city of Brussels are of European origin. Less than 15% are ethnically Flemish and Walloon, the two native peoples of Belgium.

This means that Brussels, the capital city of the European Union, is well on its way to becoming yet another major European city where native European people are a minority. This is already the case in London, Birmingham, and Paris. Shockingly, even if the Belgian government were to permanently stop all immigration from outside of Europe immediately, this measure still wouldn’t be enough to stop European people from eventually becoming a minority in the EU's capital.

This demographic disaster has been caused by two factors. Firstly, by means of the reckless immigration and foreign policy of European governments by which they have effectuated the replacement of the native European peoples by foreigners, and secondly, by the European people themselves failing to have enough children to sustain their own population.

What we are witnessing in major Western European cities today is nothing but the covenantal curses for apostasy from the Christian faith as outlined in Deuteronomy 28. Consequently, the Pactum Institute believes that there will be no deliverance for European nations without national repentance.