Spain moves to legalize bestiality

February 22, 2023

There are perhaps few signs which signify cultural destruction and death more clearly than the legalization of bestiality. And that is exactly what Spain’s leftist government is doing. As long as the animal does not require veterinary treatment to restore its health afterwards, committing this atrocity will soon be legal. Ironically, the very same bill introduces a fine of over $50 000 for people merely killing a rat in their own home. 

The Spanish people have completely ceased to understand the meaning and purpose not only of sex but life in general, with their fertility rate now having plummeted to just 1.19 children per woman. 

It is truly now nothing more than a degenerate society heading for destruction. The Pactum Institute condemns the bill as most disgraceful and sinful. Spanish lawmakers should be utterly ashamed of themselves. This abomination should be a wake-up call for everyone as to just how far Western Civilization has fallen. National and civilizational repentance is truly the only way out of this mess.