Prominent WHO Science Council member, professor Salim Abdool Karim’s recent claim that “even one unvaccinated person poses that risk [of reinfection] to the entire world” population is not supported by any scientific studies.

His claim seems particularly suspect in light of a very recent study by 9 scientists from the Universities of Oxford, Edinburgh, Strathclyde, Virginia Tech, Sao Paulo, Do Porto as well as the Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciência in Portugal, which found that the “Herd Immunity Threshold associated with natural infection to be in the order of 10%-30% for SARS-CoV-2.”

Furthermore, professor Karim’s proposition that 1) even one unvaccinated person could pose the risk of the virus spreading to a vaccinated world population, while at the same time 2) equating vaccination with immunization, are contradictory.

The Pactum Institute and its members from across the globe express our great disappointment at the fact that what essentially amounts to pseudoscience is being openly promoted by such prominent figures in the World Health Organization, especially since we know that there can logically be only two plausible explanations for this: 1) ignorance; or 2) a hidden agenda.