Viktor Orban at CPAC: The Nation is the Cultural Basis of the Hungarian State

5 May 2023

By Dr. Adi Schlebusch

In his opening speech at CPAC in Budapest this week, the Hungarian prime minister openly called liberalism a virus. He used the slogan: “No migration, no gender, no war,” to firmly position himself against the globalist agenda of doing away with all borders and distinctions between the nations and the sexes. He emphasised that one of the key strategies of Marxism is to degrade nations by destroying organic homogeneity. 

Orban added that in contradistinction to propaganda by proponents of multiculturalism and mass immigration who aim to destroy national identity, it is in fact the national community itself which forms the true cultural basis for the Hungarian state. In other words, true nationhood entails the state growing out of the nation, rather than vice versa. He attributed the current economic and demographic decline Europe is facing to this Marxist attack on the very foundations of nationhood. He also highlighted that in this regard, Hungary serves as an example to the world of the success of conservative, Christian politics. 

Indeed the Fidesz-government led by Orban certainly isn’t just words and no action. It has actively worked to maintain Hungary’s national borders, its national sovereignty and its Christian values. It has introduced various measures to aid the organic development of Hungarian family life. It is even currently under fire from other EU-member states for adopting a bill which prohibits indoctrinating children with Transgenderism and Sodomy

In yesterday’s speech Orban also rightly criticized the foreign policy of the Biden administration, noting that “if President Trump were [still] the president now, there would be no war affecting Ukraine and Europe today.” 

Orban is right to position himself, his country, and his people against the Liberal and Globalist agenda and in favor of cultivating a distinctly Christian and Hungarian National identity. He also deserves credit for being one of the only world leaders courageous enough to speak up against imperialist wars. In remaining true to his Calvinist convictions, prime minister Orban continues to steer Hungary in the right direction.